Her Journey Group 


Her Journey Group is an intensive 8-week-long online trauma healing and recovery therapist-led group course for women with a history of traumatic or other adverse life experiences that are holding them back from achieving success in family, professional, social, and emotional aspects of their lives.

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Journey to Healing

We believe that psychological trauma including childhood adverse experiences (physical, emotional, sexual abuse, exposure to domestic violence, abandonment, and neglect) as well as abuse, domestic violence, and loss in adulthood is an INJURY, not a disorder, therefore, IT CAN BE HEALED.

If you are currently struggling with symptoms of trauma, PTSD, and other related emotional issues, including but not limited to anxiety, anger, depression, sleep problems, cognitive issues, and interpersonal difficulties, this group is for YOU!


Because You Are So Worth It! 

With trauma specialist-led group coaching and support, you've found a safe place to  heal , restore , and build a life worth living.


Her Journey Group


Come join other like-minded women in learning how to disconnect from the noise around you and tune in to what's happening in your mind, body, and soul. Among many other things, We'll teach you how to:

  • Increase your emotional self-awareness and regulation skills
  • Heal your inner self through self-love and self-compassion 
  • Cope with guilt, shame, and hopelessness

The sessions consist of a unique combination of well-established practices of neuroscience, cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma-focused psychotherapy, and trauma-focused art therapy. You will also be encouraged in practicing healing body and mind practices, including yoga and Qi-gong exercises, meditation, and forming healthy habits of sleep and nutrition.

It’s time to nurture, restore, and heal yourself like never before.

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Get to know your amazing brain. Learn about the power of neuroplasticity and brain-based approach to trauma healing and recovery.

Cognitive & Dialective Behavioral Approaches

Session materials and techniques are based in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialect Behavioral Therapy which are two of the most effective evidence-based approaches to trauma recovery.

Art Therapy 

Each session incorporates an art therapy exercise to aid emotional processing and self-expression. 

Yoga & Qigong

The mind-body practices allow us to experience a sense of integrity, intimacy, and connection with our bodies and ultimately become balanced and grounded, restoring harmony and coherence between the body and the mind.



Guided meditation practice is used to build the foundation of safety, to learn how to calm and ground oneself, as well as to foster and cultivate self-compassion and an increased sense of aliveness, joy, and presence. 

Social Support 

Learn how to connect with others and still value the unique individual you are inside. The support of others has been identified as a significant protective factor in reducing trauma symptoms and feelings of shame and guilt connected to traumatic life experiences.

Meet Your Instructor


Dr. Denisa Millette

As a psychotherapist and a trauma professional with over twenty years of clinical experience, I believe that trauma is not a disorder but an injury we can all recover from to live an amazing life regardless of past experiences. I have designed these group sessions to provide you with the best trauma-informed healing practices and coaching I use in personal sessions with my therapy clients. I believe every woman deserves to heal and rebuild a life worth living. I believe in YOU!  

However, healing is a process and a journey. It requires consistency and persistence. It requires the choice of growing pains as opposed to the pain of where you are right now. 

Join me on a journey of self-love, self-discovery,  healing, and newly discovered confidence.

How Does it Work?

When: 05/13/ 2024 (8 consecutive Mondays from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm EST)

Where: Zoom Video Platform (the link will be provided)


Please ask about our scholarships.

Option 1: $350 to pay in full (access to the full course; $50 saving!!); $30 registration fee

Option 2: $50/week (one week at a time access); $30 registration fee

The session payment will be collected the week of the session. 

Insurance: We don't accept insurance; however, a superbill for your reimbursement can be provided upon request.

Participants: Maximum 10 participants per group

Group Facilitators: Dr. Denisa Millette, Ph.D., LPC, CCTP 

Registration: Once you register, I will invite you for a brief 15-minute virtual consultation to give me a chance to meet you before the group starts. 

To learn more, please send us an email to [email protected] 


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(Full payment or weekly payment will be collected the week of the first session)