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Our commitment is to create a community and provide affordable resources to empower, restore hope, and heal the hearts of women whose traumatic and adverse life experiences hold them back from reaching their full potential, success, and freedom. 

I'm Dr. Denisa Millette.

As a psychologist and a trauma professional with over 23 years of clinical experience, my mission is to support women of all ages and backgrounds whose lives have been disrupted or limited by the impact of past traumatic life experiences, and who struggle in their relationships with others due to trust issues, fear, anxiety, and low self-worth.

As a coach, educator, and advocate, I teach women how to use the best-proven methods to manage their triggers, fears, and worries, cultivate healthy relationships, and take the first steps to create lives worth living. 




Trauma is not a disorder, it is a wound, an injury you can heal from.

As a licensed psychotherapist and a coach, I have had the privilege to witness much healing, restoration, recovery, rise in resilience, and posttraumatic growth in clients with the most adverse and traumatic life events. However, healing is a process and a journey. It requires consistency and persistence. It involves the choice of growing pains as opposed to the pain of where you are right now. 

Please accept my invitation to explore our resources to support you on your journey of healing and recovery.

The time is now.


My clients are bright and capable women,

but they struggle with setting healthy personal and professional boundaries or regulating their emotions which causes strain in their relationships and stress in their daily lives, ultimately resulting in poor mental and physical well-being. 

One of my clients was concerned about her people-pleasing tendencies and her inability to stand up for herself and pursue what was important to her. Based on the information she learned in coaching sessions, she discovered some obvious and some less obvious reasons for her struggles: she grew up in an unsupportive family environment and has never learned to trust her own judgment or ability to make good decisions. In one of her first sessions, she learned some simple strategies to use immediately. I taught her how to use a simple self-compassion technique to soothe the negative self-talk and self-doubt. With a few months of coaching and support, her ability to trust her own judgment and set healthy boundaries with others grew significantly. When the self-doubt kicked in, she was able to recognize what was happening and deal with it in the moment using one of the techniques she learned in our sessions. 

Using evidence-based techniques, compassionate guidance, and a supportive community, our programs provide you with the tools and strategies needed to understand and overcome your challenges and set you on the path of a life worth living.


You can work with me in two different ways:

DM Coaching

As a coaching client you have access to Her Journey Membership, self-paced courses, free webinars, and one-on-one coaching sessions. These services are available to all women in all places around the globe. Disclaimer:

DM coaching does not provide and should not replace psychotherapy or psychological services.


Safe Emotions Counseling

As a therapy client - If you are seeking psychotherapy or clinical psychological services, please come visit me at my therapy practice website,  the Safe Emotions Counseling Center below. At this time, full therapeutic services are available only to clients in Georgia, USA.




Learn how to disconnect from the noise around you and tune in to what's happening in your mind, body, and soul. 

Let's take small, safe steps to make you feel comfortable in your skin again, to know how to trust and love again, to knock down the walls of isolation you built over time and set you free.

With our tailored approach, you can experience a profound shift from merely existing to truly living.

My DM Coaching team and I have designed specific products for you to choose what you need the most - from free webinars to Memberships in our inner circle community. 


Her Journey Membership

Inner Circle Community of Women. Affordable coaching and resources provided by Dr. Denisa Millette. Consistency. Support. Care. Click here to learn more and join.


Free Webinars

30-mins webinars hosted by Dr. Denisa designed to promote mental wellness by providing psychoeducation and increasing awareness of a wide range of mental health topics. Click here for the upcoming webinars.


Self-Paced Courses

Too busy to take advantage of other offerings, yet ready to learn, heal and build a life worth living? Check out our self-paced courses.


One-On-One Coaching Opportunities

60 mins individual coaching sessions with Dr. Denisa to provide care and guidance tailored to your specific needs. Click here to book your session! 

(Seeking Psychotherapy - please visit to book a therapy session).


Frequently Asked Questions

Stories of Transformation and Triumph

"Even virtually, Dr. Denisa created a safe space to challenge old and unhelpful mental models. Dr. Denisa's deep insights into the neuroscientific framework for trauma fostered a tremendous sense of self-awareness and personal empowerment and responsibility."
-A. W.
"Even though every single one of us have different stories to share, the space created within this community is one of acceptance, support, and trust. The different modalities and tools  helped me identify where I was on my own journey to recovery and how I could move forward to become the best version of myself."
-L. B.

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